Forum post from: Gary Earls
To: The Phoenix
Date: Wednesday, 6 Dec 2006
Subject: After Action Report-Jack Glennon


I apologize for this long post but felt it was necessary.

We were well represented at Jack's internment at Arlington. We had 24 crewmembers who impressed Jack's family as well as the Chaplain at Arlington. Bobby, Jack's brother who has the same mannerisms as Jack, thanked us over and over again.

At Arlington we walked behind the caisson (dodged the "horse apples") up to the assembly area and had the short service and then to Jack's resting place. The Chaplain made a couple of comments about the large turnout of Jack's former comrades.

We had Phoenix members from the beginning of the company to the end. That was amazing. Bob Kelly happened to be available for the funeral before he returned to Iraq. Ken Newcom arranged a police escort for us. John Kamps maintained some order over us. Of course those who supplied the "adult beverages". BTW, Carol had to get a banquet license from the state of Virginia so we could have the beverages.

We were the last group standing near midnight with a lot of good stories being told. It was great to share good memories of everyone with each other.

Folks they ain't making us any more.

Gary E. Earls
Phoenix 30/36
Roadrunner 5
Morrow, GA