Email from: Mike Sloniker
To: The Phoenix
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007
Subject: Glennon Guestbook

I think it is important for the Phoenix to know how Jack Glennon directed me in learning how the Phoenix was one of the leading units in VN. I left this in the guestbook today:

I wrote a compilation of history of the Aviation units in the 101st for the VHPA back in 2000. Jack was my single first source back in the late 1980's who told me of how significantly different and professional the Phoenix from C-158th were than the rest of the lift units. Jack told me about the crew chief who jumped into trees from a crashing Huey killing all but him on TWO separate occasions. Jack told me about the exploits of the Phoenix who flew into Laos for Combat Control North, CCN, from FOB 1, at Quang Tri. Through Jack's explanation of the operations the Phoenix performed, I was able to contact the actual members of the unit who did all these amazing things in just a two year period, 1969-71.

Jack was the one who first provided me a list of all the fallen from the Phoenix so that I could make a memorial I leave at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial on Veteran's Day. Jack was the cornerstone of what I learned and know today about the Phoenix. Of all the units I have researched for the VHPA, the Phoenix made the most of their 3 years in country. They maintained a high degree of professionalism in the cockpit that was warrant officer pride inspired. Jack told me how a group of Phoenix went to Nebraska on their own nickel to see Ken Mayberry who was then diagnosed with MS. Jack represented the heart of the Phoenix to me. Now the baton has been passed to the rest of the Phoenix to continue his legacy.

Mike Sloniker
VHPA Historian