These are some of the thoughts and feelings that I have had over the years and for some reason I chose this time to write about them in a poem form, you might call these poems “Thoughts Feelings”

Sam Richey



Pain and Sorrow


I have so much pain, my tears

fall like rain for I know from whence they came.

I have so much sorrow, for I

know what comes tomorrow.

I have so much shame for I was

sent to inflict pain on those whose name I never knew, for

that’s all I knew.





Tears of pain, tears of shame,

They’re all the same.

Tears from the heart tears from

my eyes for I have seen their cry and I know why.

Tears of shame are not the same as

tears of mortal pain, none the less they are tears.

Tears I have shed for countless

years, for they are of grief and pain.

I see the tears, I feel the

tears, I taste the tears, but I cannot see your tears anymore,

tell me why my brothers, why can I

not see your tears anymore.



No Title


I have not met a soldier yet

that can help me forget that great war,

yet so far, for I still see the stars,

and feel the scars.


Who goes there,

do you know he has gone,

we must all be strong as in

a throng or soon we will be gone, and

then we will meet at that great

soldiers feet.


Sam Richey