Remember those Phoenix Business cards?

"If you care enough to send the best, send PHOENIX ??."

I've put one together using M$ Publisher 2000 & Pub 98. You are invited to download and use it as a template, just change/modify as needed. These are 2 Pub files 1 for each card. I  flipped the card over & printed on the back for side 2. If your version of Pub will not read this let me know. KenMayberry

Avery 8371 

M$ Publisher 2000 Phoenix Bus Card1 (Side 1) 627K Phoenix Bus Card2 (Side 2) 409K

M$ Publisher 98(Side 1) 627K    M$ Publisher 98   (Side 2)  409k

Zip Pub2000 643K   Zip Pub 98 650K (Zips contains both pub files)

Side 1: Phoe Bus & Ph B


Side 2: Phoe Bus & Ph B 

They really do look better than what is shown above.

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