Most of these slides were shot after Lam Son 719, during the relatively quiet summer of 1971. I had managed to buy a Nikon from PACEX around that time, had unfortunately not owned a camera previously. Most of these pics were therefore shot during routine ass and trash missions, and around Evans and the hootch area on those rare occasions when I had a day off from flying (and had film).

During those times I basically shot up a roll or two on whomever was in the a/o at the time and whatever was going on. Wish I had a broader selection, and the combination of circumstances means I unfortunately have no shots of many of the older guys from pre-Laos. Nevertheless, these pics provide a few glimpses into our lives of long ago and far away. Many are common to the a/o no matter when you served, while others may be of people you don't know and might therefore be of lesser interest.

The thumbnails are small, averaging around 5-10K each, and so the proof (Volume) pages load fairly quickly. Click on any single pic to display the larger images, which run 50-100K each. I had my original 35mm Kodachrome slides converted to digital CDs by Kodak Labs to generate these pics. Considering their condition after such a long time, I was happily surprised at how well they all turned out.

Any of these photos may be reused for noncommercial purposes only, providing they are properly credited. For any commercial use please contact me for copyright permission. | Ted Olson / Phoenix 65