Two injured in fire truck collision
Fire truck flipped several times

[Toledo, OH] - Two people were injured Friday afternoon after a pick-up truck and an Allen County aerial fire truck collided on Fremont Pike Road in Troy Township in northern Wood County. More...

(Dick Oder survived the inverted Nighthawk crash on the flats outside Evans in Jan 1971. Looks like he dodged another bullet this time, but he's obviously getting luckier as he gets older -- at least he landed upright this time!)


[Don Davis (56) emailed 2/14/09 5:00PM EST] I talked with Dick this AM, he sounded a little groggy. I'm going to try again tomorrow. (Don is another survivor of the same Nighthawk crash...)

[Dean Grau (60) emailed 2/14/09 6:00PM EST] Just talked to Pam and she said Dick's going to be alright, although it looks like he may need a second surgery to install some hardware in the leg. He apparently veered pretty violently to avoid T-boning the woman -- who blew a stop sign -- and rolled the ladder truck in the process. Looks like the truck is pretty well destroyed but guess if a guy is going to have a wreck in a fire truck and top his Nighthawk experience he has to make it a good one! According the the news accounts he got a helicopter ride out of the deal. I'm going to talk to Dick in a couple of hours and will let you know if there's any news. -60

[Butch Doan (64) emailed 2/15/09 4:30PM EST] Talked to Oder a few minutes ago, he is still pretty well out in space but Pam said he is doing pretty good considering everything.

[Pat McKeany (62) emailed 2/18/09 11:00PM EST] I called Dick this morning around 9:00 am pst. He sounded great! He has multiple fractures to his lower leg and has a brace holding everything together until the swelling goes down. Then he’ll have to undergo surgery to installed pins and screws to hold everything together. He also has a 3” incision in his other leg due to the doctor’s need to check things out. His face took a beating as well. He lost 5 teeth due to a direct hit with the steering wheel! So, he’ll be going through reconstructive surgery to correct this as well. Dick said that he hadn’t talked to Butch -- I reminded him that he indeed had talked to Butch and the drugs must have been doing their job.

For paraskavedekatriaphobiacs (I can't even pronounce that) -- yes, this happened on Friday the 13th...