> From Behind the Blue Curtain, November 2006
> Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Park, Dedication Ceremony, Fruita Colorado July 2003
> A few shots from my Vietnam slides are below, click here for all 309...

Home Sweet Home [2x] [4x]

Final to the Nest, Rakky Ridge in the background [2x] [4x]

Looking west over the club and Teepee toward Ripcord and O'Reilly ridgelines [2x] [4x]

Outside the Evans eastern perimeter along QL1, the Street Without Joy [2x] [4x]

Into the AO [2x] [4x]

Flight of Phoenix in the sunset over Evans [2x] [4x]

Short to a PZ [2x] [4x]

Rakkasan I think [2x] [4x]

Looks like Ripcord [2x] [4x]

Short to a firebase [2x] [4x]

Redskin on our wing along QL9 heading toward Khe Sanh [2x] [4x]

Khe Sanh plateau, note the loose 30-second trail [2x] [4x]

Wreckage of a slick, severed tailboom on top of the LZ [2x] [4x]

Close on Groover's wing, looks like this was an easy mission [2x] [4x]

Nighthawk crew (Drinkwater, ???, Kincaid, ???) [2x] [4x]
The Swamp  [3x]
The Swamp, Second Platoon hootch around May 1971
Back: John Michaelson/57, Ted Olson/65, Butch Doan/64
Middle: Mark Groover/41
Front: Dean Grau/60, Pat McKeany/62, Ric Kincaid/43

(L)Ric Kincaid/43
(R)Ted Olson/65 [3x]