Dispatches From Iraq

Received via email from Cpt Chuck Rambo, 29 July 2003
Dragonlord 6 (previously "new" Phoenix 6)

Currently we are spread out all over the place. I am still Dragonlord 6 up in Mosul and we will be here now for a lot longer as I am sure you heard; it looks the 101st will be here for about 13 months. Not so bad though, I know from the Phoenix history that we have nothing to complain about.

We are actually living pretty good. We got a satellite TV and refrigerators the other day. We froze water and watched the news until we physically could not watch anymore. It is amazing living in the middle of the action how much crap they report.

The new Phoenix 6 is going to be CPT Mike Reyburn, a great guy to lead Phoenix. Right now they are currently in Q-West, about 120K north of Baghdad. I am sorry to report that we can not open the Phoenix website right now, content that does not end with .mil is off limits. Hopefully that will change soon.

Please let everyone know that Phoenix is kicking ass in Iraq. Also, thank God, not one Phoenix soldier has fallen. I was and still am proud that I was Phoenix 6 and could be a part of the history that you and all your great men wrote.

God Bless America!

PS: I will speak with the new Phoenix 6 next week when I see him at the COC and I know you can count on him. Also, sorry about the delay, email is a luxury and we turn it off for several days during missions for security.