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To Order by Mail
Send a check for $36.00 for each brick to:

Ray Doan (his bank doesn't know anyone named Butch)
2410 Harris
Woodlawn, TN 37191

Enclose a note with your name, phone number, email address, shipping address, and how many bricks you want. Be sure to include the information to be engraved on each brick.

For more information
Butch Doan (
Phone 931-905-1890

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Butch Doan (Phoenix 64) discovered a program at Fort Campbell that the 101st is developing for the new museum. This is a terrific opportunity to honor the Phoenix, especially the KIAs, at Fort Campbell's new facility.

A new Fort Campbell Historical Complex is being added to the existing Don F. Pratt Museum facility, called the Wings of Liberty Military Museum. According to its website, "The museum will continue to preserve significant, historic military artifacts for future generations. Visitors to the museum complex will gain a better understanding of military tactics and historic military events." The grounds will include commemorative monuments to combat, combat support, and combat service support units.

As one source of funding, the Fort Campbell Historical Foundation is selling commemorative bricks. Bricks will be engraved with a name and installed in the "Pathway of Legends" at the new Fort Campbell Historical Complex. Interested service units will be able to dedicate sections to their members.

Butch's discussions with museum officials have led to a plan whereby a 150-brick section of the pathway will be dedicated to the Phoenix. The idea is a mosaic of bricks engraved with the names of Vietnam Phoenix KIAs and DATs, surrounded by bricks with the names of surviving members. In addition, in front of our section, a placard will list the unit activation date and other pertinent information about the Phoenix.

The museum director prefers to have each particular group or unit coordinate their own names and donations. Butch has offered to serve as Phoenix coordinator. The cost is $36 per brick, which is tax deductible. Each brick may contain up to three lines of text, each with a maximum of 14 characters, including spaces. The first line should contain the full name. The middle line should contain the in-country tour dates, or the KIA or DAT date. The last line may be the callsign or other duty designation, for example Phoenix 22 or CE 612.

Names, dates, ranks, or any other information may be included on the bricks, as long as the guidelines are met (three lines, each a maximum of 14 characters including spaces). In addition to purchasing a brick for yourself we hope to raise enough additional donation funds to make sure we have one for all of our KIAs, as well as those who died after their tours.