Dispatches From Iraq

Received via Mike Sloniker 1 May 2003

Subject: The Man Who Saved PFC Lynch
From: GySgt Michael R. Harris

It's 0430 and you will never guess who has been here for the past few days. I have been wanting to tell all of you but I couldn't. Now that he's gone I can tell you that Mohammad Uda stayed at the Embassy until his Passports and Visa were completed. He is the man that told the Marines where PFC Lynch was located. He has one heck of a great story to tell. I can't wait for the book, there's a lot more to the story than what's being reported. I'm sure everyone will know him soon, CNN and NBC are supposed to be meeting him at the airport when he arrives in the states. He's a great and humble man and he loves the Marines. I got to eat dinner with him last night. I am sending a picture of us standing outside the Ambassadors Residence this morning before he left.

Respectfully Submitted,
GySgt Michael R. Harris
Detachment Commander
American Embassy Kuwait