The New Phoenix

Did everyone know that the Phoenix rose yet again? Butch Doan put us in touch with the current company commander at Fort Campbell a while back, who sent one of their patches and the summary history of their unit below.

As we all know, the 101st is now in Iraq. A current comm is posted below, I will post any further news here as and if updates are received.

[31 March 2003] Received this comm from Chuck Rambo, somewhere in Iraq. He is no longer Phoenix 6 but has moved up to brigade. "I wanted to let you know we are alive and in Iraq fighting the good fight, you would be proud of the Phoenix team. God Bless America. Old Phoenix 6."

[29-Jul-03] See also email from Dragonlord 6...

[March 2002] It is with great pride that I write you this email to let you know that the Phoenix company is still alive and well. My name is CPT Chuck Rambo and I am the commander of this great company. I was amazed to learn so much history about the company scrolling through the Phoenix homepage; it is sad we have lost so much of our history over the years. I spoke with Butch about two weeks ago and he was kind enough to tell me all about the homepage. The company is very excited about the opportunity to be a part of this and learn more about the Phoenix history from the actual men who wrote it. We are very proud of our history and we will continue to proudly write its future.

Chuck Rambo
Phoenix 6

(Current at March 2002)

Alpha Company was originally activated on 25 July 1966 and deployed to Vietnam in 1969. Once in Vietnam, Alpha Company joined the 158th Aviation Battalion and officially became one of the fighting forces of the 101st Airborne Division. Upon returning from Vietnam, Alpha Company contributed significantly towards the development of the Air Assault doctrine and a viable night fighting capability to enable the 101st Airborne Division to move and attack under the cover of darkness.

On 16 October 1981, under the direction of the National Command Authority, Alpha Company left the 158th Aviation Battalion and became part of Task Force 160th, a unit known for specializing in long range night vision goggle operations. Alpha Company returned to the 158th in 1986 and was named the "Phoenix" company, and in 1987 the 158th Aviation Battalion became 5th Battalion "Eagle Assault", 101st Aviation Regiment.

On 17 September 1990, Alpha Company and 5th Battalion deployed to Saudi Arabia in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. During Operation Desert Shield, Alpha Company began preparing for possible combat operations against Iraq. On 24 February 1991, G-Day of Operation Desert Storm, Alpha Company led the first combat assault of the war against Iraqi ground forces; the largest air assault ever conducted by any military force in history. Alpha Company redeployed to the United States on 6 April 1991.

On 27 April 1993, Alpha Company was once again called upon to serve, this time in Somalia during Operation Continue Hope. As a member of the Quick Reaction Force, Alpha Company was tasked with providing security for the United Nations' peace keeping operations. While in Somalia, Alpha Company flew in excess of 1000 missions, many under night vision goggle conditions and in actual combat operations against militia forces loyal to fugitive warlord, General Mohammad Farrah Aideed.

Since the company's redeployment from Somalia, Alpha Company has deployed on numerous training center rotations to the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana and the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California. Alpha Company also conducted a strategic deployment on .S. Air Force Galaxy aircraft to Dakar, Senegal from 24 March - 05 April 1998 as part of a Team Phoenix Battalion Task Force for Operation Eagle Vista in support of the Presidential visit to Africa.

Alpha Company continues to train in the most demanding conditions and in all environments. The unit prides itself on the capability to deliver combat soldiers to any LZ, day or night, plus or minus 30 seconds, plus or minus 50 meters. As always, Alpha Company stands ready to provide the finest aviation support in the world to the finest division in the world, the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault. Eagle Assault!

Submitted by:
1LT Lee Evans
2nd Flight Platoon Leader
A Company 5-101 Aviation Regiment