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Phoenix Nose Art - Robert Scarbrough

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CW2 Ken Mayberry's   Vietnam Slides 1970-1971

CW2 Robert Scarbrough's    Vietnam Pictures

 Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Park Dedication & Reunion  Fruita CO Pics July 2-5 2003

Phoenix History:    html Format or Word Doc Format

(2 formats html-your browser & MS Word) This was compiled by Gary Earls & is an ongoing project. It requires YOUR input for the complete Phoenix story & accuracy.  

Need a Phoenix Business card? Go HERE.

Phoenix Poets

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        Heart felt Poems by Joe Haymore         Click Me

        Cathy Haymore                                     Click Me

        Sam Richey                                           Click Me

        John Devins                                           Click Me

A Picture, a Flag and a Gold Star Pin  by Evelyn Laton Hatley Mother of Joel

Patrick Hull Current 599 Pics     Click Me

Phoenix Mini Reunion at Butch Doan's 5/4-6/2001    Click Me

Phoenix Memorabilia:  Go HERE (My DEROS Wall Plaque, Company Patch, Today's Phoenix A Co-5-101, Jane Fonda Fan Club Patch

Pictures Click Here:     VHPA REUNION 7/4/2000 WASHINGTON DC

Pictures Click Here:      Week of Eagles 2000 

 Check This out!   Here is a TRUE DIE-HARD PHOENIX Pilot          

Joseph Galloway's Speech at the WALL & VHPA Banquet July 2000

Cpt David Nelson & Crew Burial at Arlinton Oct 1990 


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